Absolute App Inventor 2 book

If you like our blog posting, then you may be interested in our Absolute App Inventor 2 book.


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Learn to develop Android Mobile Apps. Absolute App Inventor 2 book will take you beyond basic tutorials and will cover concepts that will help you to become a better Android App Inventor.


  • If you are new to programming or App Inventor, then this book will show you how to properly start-off designing and developing mobile apps and will then gradually take you through understanding more advanced concepts.
  • If you have already used App Inventor, use this book to learn about optimization, DRY principle, design patterns and concepts that will teach you how to design & develop apps that will run more efficiently and to learn about concepts that have not been covered in other App Inventor books.

The book covers good programming designs using DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) Principle by using App Inventor Procedures. The book also covers how to use proper abstraction and produce much cleaner code through use of App Inventor Advanced “Any Component”.

All these concepts will be covered in a fully fledged such as SpaceWars gaming app and MyFAVs contact management apps. They will show you step-by-step design flow and bottom-top implementation using numerous figures with detailed step-by-step sequenced instruction.

Interested in Ai2LiveComplete? Please check features and link to demo site  HERE.  Alternatively, if you have problem accessing the doc, you can check document, HERE


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Google Play In-app Billing

What is Google In-app Billing?

From Android Developer: In-app Billing is a Google Play service that lets you sell digital content from inside your applications. You can use the service to sell a wide range of content, including downloadable content such as media files or photos, virtual content such as game levels or potions, premium services and features, and more. You can use In-app Billing to sell products as:

  • Standard in-app products (one-time billing), or
  • Subscriptions (recurring, automated billing)

This feature may soon be coming into AiLiveComplete! Some uses of this In-app billing would be:

  • Unlocking game-levels when user buys a Product
  • Selling digital subscriptions (monthly / recurring)
  • Selling game items like coins, treasures, additional lives, etc
  • Instead of having LITE and PRO version, having only one-version that can be unlocked from LITE to PRO when user buys the PRO product

Here is the output of a sample app that was created using AiLiveComplete:



And here are some of the property blocks


Here are some of the event handler blocks


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Reading / Parsing CSV File

App Inventor includes a Storage File component that can be used for reading and writing. One use of this component can be for reading CSV (Comma Separated File) as key value pairs.

Assume you have a a file called myDataFile.csv with contents that includes authors (key) and books (values) like below. Note that in below example, the value can be varible-size tokenized string (string with multiple values):

Hossein,Absolute App Inventor 2|Amazon|Google Play Book|Apple Book Store
Dave Wolber,App Inventor|Google

The code below shows how we can use a TEXT field to get a user-entered key and then search the data-file and return the search data into another TEXT filed. The code below will loop through the tokenized string value and print each token.



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AiLiveComplete – Multiple Asset File Upload

Currently, in AI or AiLiveComplete, you can upload only one media-file at a time. This can be a very tedious / time-consuming task if you have many media files.

With the new upcoming AiLiveComplete feature, you will be able to select and upload multiple files in one-shot! See screencast below to see how this feature will work:

Interested in full version of AiLiveComplete? Follow link HERE or HERE


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AiLiveComplete – Monetization using Video Ads!

Adding High Quality Engaging Video, Rich Media Interstitial, and Banner ads in your apps is as simple as 1-2-3. Upcoming NEW Millennial Media monitezation component allows you to implement monetization under 2 minutes! See it in action below:

Interested in full version of AiLiveComplete? Follow link HERE or HERE

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AiLiveComplete – MobFox Interstitial Ad

Monetize your Android App using Interstitial Ad components such as:

  • AdMob
  • Amazon
  • MobFox

Watch below video to see how to add in MobFox Interstitial (full screen) ad. It is:

  • Is as simple as 1-2-3
  • Can be implemented under 2 minutes
  • Practically requires no coding (block)

Interested in AiLiveComplete? Follow link at top of our blog posting

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AiLiveComplete – ListView with Sorting & Swipe-to-Delete!

Watch the video below to see how to quickly create a ListView and in such features as:

  • Background color
  • List Item color
  • Sorting (ascending / descending)
  • Swipe-to-Delete feature!

Interested in AiLiveComplete? Follow link at top of our blog posting


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