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AI And AppToMarket – Live Remote Workshop

Interested in learning how to develop Android Mobile application and publishing them to Android Market?

Join us for a Live Remote Workshop showing App Inventor and AppToMarket In-Action. The workshop / presentation will show you how to develop Android Mobile apps using App Inventor, and how to make them publishable using AppToMarket. Presentation will cover basic building blocks of AI and main focus will be on conversion and usage of AppToMarket for publishing your AI app to Android Market.

This Workshop is FREE and at no cost to you, but remote seats are limited. Please RSVP your reservation by CLICKING HERE.

Workshop Date and Time:
Date: Saturday April 9th
Time: 11:00am EST

Click HERE for latest info on AppToMarket


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AI Tutorial – Creating your own Simulated AdServer

Here is a tutorial on how to create and implement your own Simulated Ad Server in AI.

1. In AI, place a HorizontalArrangement at top and drop a button onto it. Make both of them Fill parent for Width.

2. Add a Clock and set the TimerInterval to 5000 millisecond (5 second) or as needed. This could also be changed programmatically using Clock.SetInterval

3. Create n (I have created 5 for my test) number of 320 x 48 images (.jpg) that represent your adds. Use a naming convention for your image names; e.g. ad1.jpg, ad2.jpg, ad3.jpg, … FTP the images in some folder on your server; e.g.

5. In Block Editor, create 2 variables (prevImg and nextImg) and set them to same value. Also, create a function getRandomImage — Click HERE to see blocks that are needed.

6. Update the getRandomImage to get random numbers from 1 to max number of images that you have created.

7. In Screen1.Initialize, blank-out your button text, by setting its text to blank (see image in link above)

8. In Clock1.Timer set button.image to invoke getRandomImage

When app starts, every 5 second, it will invoke the getRandomImage function which will retrieve an ad from server and display it as button image.

For another approach for adding adds into AI, please see this LINK.


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