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HowTo – How to flip through series of images or book pages

In here, I’m showing how to setup an Android app using App Inventor to flip through a series of images using Canvas and sprites. The sprites are used for PREV and NEXT buttons and their visibility is set or reset first or last page is reached. For example, if showing image1, then PREV is hidden and when on last page, NEXT is hidden.

The Blocks Editor and Designer Editors are shown below. The source for this can be downloaded from HERE.


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HowTo implement ads in AppInventor

The images below shows an approach to implement ads in App Inventor.

Please note that I have actually consolidated 2 apps into 1 so that I can show everything in one place.

In reality, it should be broken down into 2 as follows:
1. App1 would be an admin app that is used for managing ad campaigns
2. App2 would be an app that gets published to Market

Using the admin app, once you make update to your ads, all users-devices that has your app installed, App2 the one that utilizes ads, will display the updated ads. See attached file. It shows what needs to be moved to Admin app.

More info can be found by going HERE


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Handling data from Google fusiontables

Google Fusion Tables API supports a subset of the SQL querying language, including SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements, as well as additional statements for getting information about tables.

The API and sample queries can be found HERE

HERE is how to submit a SQL query to retrieve data from fusiontable.



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