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Passing multiple keys & values to activities

Android provides ability to invoke other Activities  (apps e.g. Camera) and pass in data in form of Key/Value pairs where Key-value pairs  carry additional information required to accomplish the requested action. For example, if using SDK, the following syntax is used to invoke ActivityTwo, passing it 2 key/value pairs.

Intent i = new Intent(this, ActivityTwo.class);
i.putExtra("Value1", "This value one for ActivityTwo ");
i.putExtra("Value2", "This value two ActivityTwo");

App Inventor, using ActivityStarter, allows you to accomplish the same. However, it is limited to passing only one key/value pair. For example to add a contact into contact list, the following blocks can be used:


The ActivityStarted in AiLiveComplete has been extended allowing you to pass in multiple key/value pairs. For example, blocks below show you how to invoke the Contacts and add in new contact and pass in multiple values:

imageThe above approach for passing multiple key/value pairs can be used for passing parameters to any other activity.

Interested in AiLiveComplete? please see HERE for details and more information.

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AiLiveComplete – Adding animation to any visual component

Check some of the features that will be coming to AiLiveComplete (classic & browser based versions). These features will allow you to quickly add animation to ANY visual components! Check it out below.

Interested in AiLiveComplete? please see HERE for details and more information.

See it InAction by installing THIS app on your Android device


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