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TinyDB – Clear Tags with certain text / prefix

TinyDB is used to store persistent data directly on the Android device; this is useful for highly personalized apps where the user won’t need to share her
data with another device.

You may find yourself using a common prefix for the key. For example, TAG_TOTAL_May2014 or TAG_TOTAL_APR2014. In these cases, the common prefix TAG_TOTAL is used.


Above is a common coding practice used to store related data. For this, you may also find yourself needing to clear ALL data that contain the related data. For example, clearing all data that start (or contain) TAG_TOTAL. To accomplish this, you can use the following:


  • The GetTags, returns a list of all TinyDB tags.
  • The “for each” is used to loop through the list and for each iteration, assigns the next TinyDB tag to the variable item
  • Next the if control statement is used to test and see if the item (database tag) contains the prefix (or the text) that we are looking for.
  • If it does, we use ClearTag to clear or database tag

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AI Screen Manipulation

This video shows you how to manipulate App Inventor screens. It shows you how to:

  1. HowTo copy screens: e.g. Copy Screen1 to AuthorsScreen
  2. HowTo rename screens. e.g. rename AuthorsScreen to CatalogScreen
  3. HowTo change order of screens; e.g. make CatalogScreen to be the start-up (initial screen)
    1. Follow Step2 above to rename Screen1 to ScreenX
    2. Follow Step2 above to rename CatalogScreen to Screen1
    3. Follow Step2 above to rename ScreenX to NewScreenName

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Setup offline version of AI

Release – Offline version of MIT AI2 – June 7th, 2014 This is the replica version of MIT App Inventor. However, it can be run offline without Internet connection. This version is built based on MIT latest version on June 4, 2014. 

  • It includes the performance updates and fixes for the large project lagging
  • It also includes minor update to YandexTranslate component which allows you to enter your own Yandex API Key.  This update was done because the offline version will not work IF you don’t enter an API key. Request Yandex API Key here:


Get offline version here:

Get info about full version here:

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