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How to add Floating Buttons


Adding Floating Buttons
Made Ridiculously Simple!


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HowTo Record your Android screen

If you are interested to record your device screen to show how your app works (like THIS one), use following steps:

  • Install Android SDK
  • Use USB cable to connect your computer to device
  • Once installed, open up a DOS command window and cd to platform-tools
  • Next enter: adb shell
  • Once in shell, then enter: screenrecord /sdcard/demo.mp4    — this will start the recording and place the .mp4 on the root folder of your phone
  • When done with recording, just Control-C to end it
  • Make sure you delete the file because the recording could take huge space. Use Windows Explorer to browse to device file location

NOTE: If you don’t want to install the full SDK AND you are running on Windows OS, then you can download adb from here

Interested in Ai2LiveComplete? Please check features and link to demo site  HERE.  Alternatively, if you have problem accessing the doc, you can check document, HERE

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Social NavCam – Speed Camera Alerting app

Hello everyone,

I have developed an app which is a social GPS system that includes such features as alerting for speed cameras and sharing location information and providing turn-by-turn navigations.

The app is called “Social NavCam” and can be found HERE.

Please check it out and if you like, provide comments here or hopefully good review rating in the play store.



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