Webviewer File & Camera Upload Support

09 Apr

On desktops, HTML / php can be used to upload files from local device to a remote server. For mobile device, AppyBuilder includes Webviewer component for viewing web pages. For example, you can drag-n-drop this component into designer editor and set its HomeURL to webpage that you like to open:

The GOLD version, now includes support for uploading files from local mobile storage. It also includes support for taking pictures and directly uploading the file onto server! This feature can be very handy for such sites as Facebook  or for example allowing user to upload a local file or to take a picture and directly passing it remote server.

To use Webviewer, drag-N-drop this component onto design-editor and you’ll see a property named AllowCamera.

If you like to allow user to take pictures, checking AllowCamera property (set to true), will pop-up a Chooser window allowing user to take picture for upload. Let’s assume that you have a html like blow (source HERE):

From image above, you’ll see that the html page includes “Choose File” button for uploading file. Once clicked, this will pop-up the “File Chooser” window shown below:

At this time, user will be able to take picture and send to server OR can click on “Documents” to select a file from device local storage – see below:

After taking picture (or selecting a file) and submitting, our html can now perform actions on such as storing the image in server. In our case, the sample html (php) page only shows file-size information:

Image below shows the complete page flow:


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4 responses to “Webviewer File & Camera Upload Support

  1. Kamlesh

    December 22, 2017 at 5:11 am

    is it possible to upload mp4 file?

  2. Husain Al-Haboubi

    April 10, 2017 at 10:26 pm

    What component or block did you use to be able to select documents for local storage?


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