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AdMob Rewarded Video


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AdMob Rewarded video ads are full screen video ad that engages user and gives them option of watching it in full in exchange for in-app rewards. After watching the 10-30 second video-ad, app developers will earn revenue and app-user will be rewarded to such options as receiving game-coins for unlocking app-levels. More information about AdMob Rewarded Videos can be found HERE or by watching video below:

AppyBuilder now allows to quickly build Android apps and includes this without any coding! This component is a non-visible component that can be found under AppyBuilder Monetize category:

This component requires setting up an AdMob Ad Unit Id that is specifically setup for Rewarded Video which can be setup through AdMob dashboard. Once you obtain the AdUnitId, it can be entered either through AppyBuilder designer.  This will auto-load and prepare the AD for display.

Once AD is loaded, it will trigger the RewardedVideo.AdLoaded event-block. In this block. If the AD fails to load, it will trigger the RewardedVideo.AdFailedToLoad event-block which will include the error-code and the error-message, showing why the AD was not loaded was not loaded:

If the AD is loaded successfully, it meas that it is now ready to display. You now can use RewardedVideo.ShowAd block to display the video-ad:

The user will now be presented with the Video-ad. The AD will include a count-down timer showing how many seconds of the AD is left. If the user watches the entire video, it will trigger the RewardedVideo.Rewarded event-block. This block will include the ‘type’ and ‘amount’ parameter which will include the values that was entered in the AdMob dashboard.

To prepare the AD for next showing, the AD has to be loaded again using RewardedVideo.LoadAd block. A good place to reload the AD is to use the RewardedVideo.AdClosed event-block. This block gets triggered when user closes the video-ad.

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AppyBuilder Dynamic Component!


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Appy Builder team is currently working on ability to include functionality for creating Dynamic Components on-the-fly.  Interested, watch the YouTube video below:



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