AppyBuilder Concept Cards

22 Dec


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AppyBuilder Concept Cards provide a quick way to learn new AppyBuilder code and concepts.

Each of the cards can be printed out, folded in half, and used for students or to explore a concept in AppyBuilder such as Sprites, timers, sounds, movement, multi screens, making colors, etc.

These cards are designed to introduce ideas in bite-sized snippets and can be worked into any lesson or tutorial.

Thanks to @Peter_Mathijssen for his contribution on designing and sharing the cards.

Cloud based, Drag, Drop, Snap Blocks, Build app

Bounce Sprite Off Canvas Edge

Sprite Timed Movement

Sprite Movement on Timer

Adding Sound

Speech Recognition

Random Numbers

Fling Movement

Movement With Sensors

Drawing on Canvas

Multiple Screens

Creating Custom Colors

Movement With Buttons

Shaking Phone

Collision Detection

Dragging A Sprite

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2 responses to “AppyBuilder Concept Cards

  1. Edward SK Gyimah

    December 31, 2017 at 4:15 am

    Hello Hossein
    your tutorials are very helpful and I may want to have contact with you. Hope to hear from you soon


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