Material Design Dialog and Toast Messages

28 Jan


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Material Design Dialog and Toast Message

AppyBuilder includes a Notifier component that allows building beautiful Android apps that includes Toast (Alert) messages and pop-up Dialog  as shown in video below:


Alert Messages

There are 6 type of Alert messages that can be displayed either at center or bottom of screen. To display Alert messages, use Notifier.ShowAlert block: 

The above block includes a socket for alertType. Use any number between 1 to 6 to display messages of different style:

Dialog Messages:

To display pop-up Dialog window, use Notifier.ShowMessageDialog. This block also includes a slot for animationType where values of 1 to 3 can be plugged in. The animationType is used to animate pop-up from Top, Side or Bottom:

If you like to display additional button, use Notifier.ShowChooseDialog block that allows you to display 2 buttons:

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