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Using GenyMotion with AppyBuilder


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AppyBuilder FREE online platform allows individuals to design and build Android mobile apps, using Drag-n-Drop interface. You can use Wi-Fi or USB to connect to AppyBuilder companion for Live-Development testing.

Below is a tutorial from  Husain Al-Haboubi, a community member in AppyBuilder forum HERE. It discusses using GenyMotion emulator for Live Development.

Installing Emulator

  • Download and install GenyMotion:!/download
  • Download and install Oracle VM VirtualBox (Currently, only v5.1.26 works):
  • Open GenyMotion and install and add a virtual device – choose any one.
  • Close GenyMotion and open Oracle VM VirtualBox. Choose the virtual device you have just added then press Settings. From Network >> Adapter 2 choose Bridged Adapter from Attached to. Then click OK. (Leave Adapter 1 as Host-only Adapter)
  • Above will create a unique IP address for the Virtual Device in your home network.
  • Open the GenyMotion again and double click the virtual device. This will open the virtual device.
  • The virtual device has no Google Play Store and it has to be installed manually by yourself.
  • After you have successfully ran the emulator and it’s up and running, click on Open GAPP on the top right corner of the emulator. Click Agree and Install. This will install Google Play on your emulator and will restart your emulator.
  • At this time, you are done and you can open Google Play and sign in to your Google account then download and install AppyBuilder companion from Play Store.
  • Note: If you are having issues with the companion identifying the Wi-Fi, open up Oracle VM VirtualBox >> Select the device >> Settings >> Adapter 2 >> Advanced >> Change Adapter Type to PCnet-Fast III

Using Camera in the Virtual Device

If your app uses Camera and you would like to perform Live-Testing, follow instructions below

  • Close all virtual devices and close GenyMotion.
  • Download and install ManyCam:
  • Open ManyCam, click the small arrow on screen 1 then Desktop >> Area under cursor.
  • Keep ManyCam open then open Oracle VM VirtualBox. Click on the virtual device and then settings. Click Display >> Video Capture. Check Enable Video Capture.
  • Next, open the virtual device. When it’s open, click on the camera icon on the right bar (Third icon).
  • Press ON then for front camera, choose Webcam 0 and for back camera, choose  Webcam 0.
  • Click preview to make sure the camera is working.

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