Tutorial – Rotating Images

07 Jul


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This tutorial, written by imagPeterPeter Mathijssen, shows you how you can get use AppyBuilder to create a nice graphical effects.

Assumption: You have basics knowledge of AppyBuilder for creating projects / apps.

Media image files: The images were used from site HERE

For this tutorial, we use Image component and its RotationAngle block:


The end result will look like image below which uses a Clock non-visible component:

Image below shows list of components that are used for this tutorial. It also shows the media (asset images):
Selectie_999(414) Selectie_999(415)

Button2 through Button7 Click blocks, show how to switch between different asset images. Button1.Click block shows how to start / stop (toggle) animation using Clock component.  Once animation (Clock) is enabled, then Clock1.Timer will automatically be triggered and continues to change the the image RotationAngle, giving it the end result that you see in the gif image below:

Note: The rotation angle of the image is changed by 60 degrees when the clock fires.

You can press, Button 1 to 6 to alternate between images. Press the Start/Stop button to Start or Stop the rotation.

Looking for .aia source file? Get it HERE.


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